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GAPSI believes that many companies have come to realize that one of the best ways to streamline operations and to achieve cost efficiency is to outsource some of its backroom functions.


In order to cope up with the difficult times, more and more companies are finding ways and means to effectively manage its cost of operation. This is where outsourcing comes in.So, what are the advantages or benefits of outsourcing?

The prevalent trend among major companies nowadays is to contract out their non-critical functions or backroom functions like check preparation, accounting, invoicing, storage / delivery services, warehousing & inventory management, etc.

Consequently, by doing so,

Substantial reduction on overhead cost is achieved.

Employees will be under the employ of the outsourcing company. Thus, salaries and benefits are to be provided by the outsourcing company which definitely are lower than what the client company normally provides their regular employees considering CBA benefits, merit increases among others.

Focus on core competency is intensified.

Non-critical backroom functions are to be handled by outsourcing company, thus client will have more time and can fully concentrate on strategic management of its core business, and

Business process is improved.

Business process is improved because client can demand quality work from outsourcing company.


In all our outsourcing services contracts we make sure that we do not violate any Labor laws such as the prohibition on labor only contracting. We ensure that all elements for a legitimate contracting as required by the Department of Labor & Employment(DOLE) are compiled with such as;

  1. Our Company has substantial capital or investment.We have continuously posted profitable performance during the last five ( 5 ) years in spite of the economic downturn.

  2. Our Company is an independent contractor who undertakes to perform the job on its own account and under its own responsibility and control in all matters connected with the performance of the work except as to the results thereof. We are paid on the results not on the number of personnel deployed for the project.


Quality Personnel

Our manpower pool is composed of honest and hardworking personnel with adequate knowledge of the job. They undergo rigorous interviews, pre-employment evaluation and training before they are included in our man pool.

Quality Service

To ensure quality service, our representative from Head Office shall conduct periodic inspection of the performance of our personnel and close coordination with your representative for other areas for improvement.


You pay only for the actual hours of work rendered by our service personnel.

Problem Free on Employee Employer Relationship

Employer-employee relationship is between our Company and personnel. Hence, employee grievances and counseling, records keeping, payrolling services; employee orientation and administration shall be our responsibility.

Ready Replacement

We shall replace any service staff who resigns or is terminated on short notice.


All personnel to be assigned to your office shall be covered with Life and AD & D insurance.

Contact us for more details:


Company Name   : GAIC Profesional Services, Inc.

Office Address   : G/F TOPY Bldg.,# 3 Economia St.,

 Bagumbayan, Q.C. Philippines 1110

Telephone   : +63 2 6384947; 6357419

Facsimile   : +63 2 6384946

E-mail              : gamsihbn@eei.com.ph

Contact Persons      : Mr. Henry B. Nuqui

  Manager Operations & Marketing

: Mr. Ricardo C. Reyes

Vice President & General Manager

: Atty. Ferdinand G. Villafuerte


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