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If your desired position isn't listed, kindly click HERE

GAIC offers two (2) types of manpower supply scheme.


Under this set-up, GAIC provides manpower to our client but the workers continue to be employed by us. All selected candidates shall take up employment under GAICís standard employment agreement. Our client pays GAIC a monthly fee per worker for the services of the workers. It is GAIC who pays the salaries of the workers partly to their dependents in the Philippines and partly to the workers themselves at Site.

GAIC prefers this type of service because of its advantages to both companies and to the workers as well.

This type of service is also known as one-time fee contract. Under this scheme, GAIC's scope of responsibilities includes sourcing, recruitment, initial trade testing and pre-qualification. Once accepted by our client, each candidate will undergo medical examinations after which passports and other documents will be obtained, and they will be contracted under our clientís employment terms and conditions. Our client pays us a one-time service fee. It is our client who pays the salaries and other benefits of the workers at site.

GAIC's responsibility include:

  • Sourcing and Recruitment
  • Trade Testing and Evaluation
  • Physical and Psychological Examination
  • Processing of Travel Documents required by the Philippine Government such as POEA Overseas Employment Certificate, OWWA welfare fund, Philhealth membership and others
  • Visa Application and Processing
  • Airport Assistance
  • Site Administration and Payrolling Facilities (under Monthly Service Supply Contract only)

GAIC believes that a highly skilled worker in an overseas project is as good as the agency that placed him there. That is why GAIC employs every possible means at its disposal to make sure that the worker GAIC sent abroad is a worthy representative. GAIC guarantees that the worker is quality tested, controlled and thoroughly briefed on the details of his assignment. Once the worker is mobilized to project site or country of work, GAIC keeps the worker's morale and boost his productivity by attending to the needs of his dependents in the Philippines.

In a manpower supply service contract, a properly planned and implemented mobilization program is essential in meeting the schedule.

Our long and considerable experience in the supply of manpower for construction projects provides us the means to successfully perform this program.

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